How I can help 

There are many issues that a new mother can face with breastfeeding and sometimes its just a little change that makes a big difference. Issues such as.....



-low weight gain

-tongue tie

-lip tie

-sore nipples



-transisting off nipple shields

-engorged breasts




All these things and more can cause pain, stress and effect your breastfeeding experience.

There are a lot of options with dealing with these issues. Sometimes I have to play detective to discover the real problem that is causing so many issues.   Often, a simple change can make a huge difference.


Palmerston North, tongue tie, lip tie


I honestly cannot express how thankful we are to Jackie for not only figuring out what was wrong but also for her support. I think if it hadn't been for her I honestly might have lost the plot by now.

So again I just want to say thank you Jackie, you have helped more than we can say :)

Jo and Daniel






I wanted to thank you for all your help with Libby and I.

Those first three weeks were  hard however having you only a phone call away made it a whole lot easier! 

I hope you continue to follow your passion as a lactation consultant as you were great to work with and we thank you for your help and support along the way.


Nikki, Bryn & Libby 



Thank you so much for all your help with our breastfeeding. It has been so wonderful having your help and support. You advice and assistence has been fantastic and really helpful.