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I began my own breastfeeding journey 24 years ago, with the caesarian birth of our first daughter, Jessie. I had many challenging times with breastfeeding her, mastitis, sore nipples and blocked ducts.

I overcame these with the support of my wonderful  husband, Colin, and very special support from a Lactation Consultant, Robyn Dunning. I experienced more problems with breastfeeding our son, Thomas who was vaginally born 4 years later. Robyn again helped, and I joined La Leche League gaining amazing support, education and encourgment. I continued my involment in La Leche League, becoming a leader. Four years later Georgia was born breech via caesarian, and I faced some hurdles. Combining my personal experience, the wonderful support from family and friends, and of course La Leche League, I leapt those hurdles and continued to have another wonderful breastfeeding experience.

Through the challenges that I have faced, and those that I had seen in others, I decided to train as a Lactation Consultant. I gained the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant certificate in 2011, and combining that with 16 years as a leader with La Leche League I believe I can offer proffessional, experienced support to mamas and babes. 

I am a member of


NZLCA-New Zealand Lactation Consultants Association

LCANZ-Lactation Consultants of Australia and New Zealand

La Leche League


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Jackie Wheeler, IBCLC